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FertaMax, an innovative, all-natural OTC supplement, provides pending Moms and Dads with peace of mind that they are optimizing their respective nutritional intakes and therefore maximizing their chances of having a healthy baby; all in a cost-effective and convenient caplet form.
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Multivitamins – Better Nutrition for Better Odds
Numerous studies have shown that specific diet changes and the addition of a multivitamin can increase the chances of conceiving and carrying a baby full term(1). FertaMax formulas can ease any intended parents’ nutritional concerns by supplying the recommended doses of vitamins and minerals daily, making it a crucial addition to any natural fertility program.

Gender Specific Formulations

The differences between genders are obvious, so there can be no such thing as a fertility multivitamin that is ideal for both men and women. FertaMax takes what is unique in men and women and customized a formula built around the gender differences by modifying the amounts of vitamins and minerals and adding specific ingredients tailored to each gender. FertaMax for Women supports specific women’s issues such as ovulation and fertility while FertaMax for Men targets sperm count and motility.
  • Supports fertility and reproductive health.
  • Balances hormonal levels.
  • Provides vitamins, minerals and green foods for nutritional balance and antioxidant protection.
For women ready to take on the biggest challenge of their lives, FertaMax presents a powerful nutritional multivitamin supplement to help the odds in your favor.
FertaMax for Women is the only formula in the market that takes a holistic approach to women’s health, particularly when it comes to fertility and conception. This comprehensive formulation targets issues that any hopeful mother-to-be needs to consider: creating a healthier environment in her womb, increasing fertility, better hormonal function, and ensuring healthy fetal and reproductive tissue development. The antioxidants in the formulation protect both the intended mother and the egg from harmful carcinogens that come from dietary and environmental exposure.
FertaMax for Women Ingredient Highlights:

Folic Acid:
Folic acid is a B vitamin known to reduce the incidence of neural tube defects like spina bifida by as much as 70%. Research also indicates that folic acid may prevent other birth defects and may reduce the chances of complications during pregnancy(2,3).

Female Specific Herbal Extracts:
Combined, the herbs are traditionally and scientifically linked to improved uterine muscle function, hormonal level balance, detoxification of harmful substances from the body and improving the chances of a successful pregnancy carried to term.

Green Foods, Vegetables and Fruit Complex:
The plant-based complex is critical for pH balance and in creating a more alkaline environment for the intended mother, which is the foundation for good health. They also provide potent antioxidants and essential trace minerals to supplement diets lacking proper balance and nutrition.

Alpha Lipoic Acid, Coenzyme Q10 and PABA:
This blend of antioxidants provides additional protection for the reproductive system, particularly for the egg. PABA has been linked to enhance the function of estrogen for added fertility support.

Flax Seed (Omega 3):
Flax contains essential oils that increases the utility and quantity of cervical mucus and improves the overall health of a woman’s uterus.
  • Supports male reproductive health.
  • Enhances sperm count and motility.
  • Provides vitamins, minerals and green foods for nutritional balance and antioxidant protection.
FertaMax for Men incorporates specific efforts to develop and sustain a healthy foundation for the intended father. The blend of vitamins, minerals and co-factors all have key roles to play in providing general health benefits and focuses specifically on men’s role in conception: it provides support for healthy sperm formation, enhanced sperm count and increased sperm motility. Furthermore, FertaMax for Men can play a vital role in hormonal balance by increasing testosterone levels, which in turn enhance the male body’s ability to produce more sperm.
With its careful and specific combination, FertaMax for Men distinguishes itself from the competition by providing an approach that benefits overall health, enough so that FertaMax is a good dietary option regardless of whether they want to be a parent now or later.

FertaMax for Men Ingredient Highlights:

Male Specific Herbal Extracts:
The herbal extracts in FertaMax for Men have a long traditional use for combating a variety of conditions that affect men only. The extracts improve sperm production and motility, enhance men’s sex drive, support blood flow to penile tissue and provide additional protection for the prostate.

Green Foods, Vegetables and Fruit Complex:
The function of this plant-based complex is consistent with the women’s formula: it balances pH levels, creates an alkaline environment that supports sperm count and motility and provides antioxidant protection and trace minerals for additional nutritional support.

This powerful mineral is a scientifically proven sperm count booster, with recent studies demonstrating double-digit increases in total sperm count after consistent supplementation(5).
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