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  1. FertaMax is all-natural and contains the ideal ingredients and formulation to maximize the chances of fertility of hopeful Moms and Dads.
  2. FertaMax recognizes that having children can be a stressful and expensive journey - taking FertaMax on a regular basis is the most cost-effective way of increasing your chances to achieve your dream of having a healthy, happy baby!
  3. FertaMax will contribute to prospective parents having healthy bodies in order to and have healthy babies.
  4. FertaMax is available in a convenient and easy-to-take tablet form ensuring you will never miss a day of preparing your body to have a healthy baby. Consistent quality nutritional intake is common sense - it will assist with fertility.
  5. FertaMax for Women contains the ever popular chaste tree berry extract (or vitex). This ingredient is well-known for boosting fertility, and is widely recommended for pregnant Moms during the first trimester to prevent miscarriage.
  6. Folic Acid is the leading contributor to, and perhaps the most vital element for, having a healthy baby. FertaMax contains 150% of the recommended daily allowance of Folic Acid.
  7. FertaMax for Men contains maca root, an ingredient known to help balance hormones and to increase libido – perfect for baby making efforts!
  8. FertaMax takes a “Holistic Approach” – your body will accept the nutrition that FertaMax offers the same your body accepts natural, healthy food – FertaMax is “body ready”.
  9. FertaMax has a complete formula – it is NOT limited to the benefits of just one or two ingredients. Because of this, FertaMax is more cost-effective than purchasing each ingredient separately.
  10. To sum up, FertaMax is a comprehensive, high quality, all natural multi-vitamin that is ideal for:
  • Preparation for Fertility – helping Moms and Dads reach the peak of their fertility;
  • Pre-natal – providing Moms with the peace of mind that during pregnancy, Moms are feeding their bodies and their babies an all-natural, healthy and optimum diet; and
  • Post-natal – helping Mom's body recover from the stresses of pregnancy (and getting them ready to chase their new baby around!).
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